Urban Jungle


An internationally successful model wanted to redesign her old bedroom.

During the initial conversation, it soon became apparent that the layout of her room was far too small to meet all her requirements. Without further ado, the idea to enlarge her bedroom and to incorporate the empty adjoining room was born.

The new room now stretches over half the floor area of her apartment and has made it possible for her to look directly from the bed on to her green flat roof.
So that she could not only admire this view from a distance, a bench was framed over the walls and ceiling next to the window, evoking the sense of a bird’s nest built in a cliff.

The loungers were designed in fabrics by Christian Lacroix and brought nature into the interior with flora and fauna motifs. The frame, which acts as a seat and window panel was painted in a bright red lipstick in high gloss.
The interior design was complemented by brass ceiling lamps, from Occhio, as well as a dark green and white striped curtain and decorative pillows.

The new central area of the bedroom, which connects the sleeping area with the ‘Bird’s Nest’, was transformed into a walk-in wardrobe. The built-in wardrobe provides plenty of space for the customer; on the one hand the designer created a closed space, on the other it was open. The colour concept was very much in line with the wishes of the customer and was harmoniously co-ordinated with the help of the NCS colour system. The green high-gloss surface contrasts sharply with the interior of the furniture, which was executed in a rich dark brown oak veneer. Both the clothes rails in the open and closed wardrobes were equipped with a brass surface

In the central area of the bedroom the colour scheme was complimented by using a wallpaper that spans the entire space. The idea was to create several design levels to give this area more depth at the sides as well as above. I wanted to create a forest of light with a background of grey painted inner walls, but through the use of wallpaper, wood profiles and LED lighting it loses its confines. The last layer is the green designer furniture suspended from the wooden beams, reminiscent of lush green forest moss. The RGBW LEDs provide the wardrobe with a look that is elegant, sharp and provocative, just like the resident.

Another design element is the blue light frame, which has been set in place of the former wall. In the sleeping area, the concept of floating furniture continues in the design of the bed and the bed-side tables.
To make the room appear larger, the bed was placed on a glass cube, which is open to the rear. The bed was connected to the bed head and the bed-side tables. To increase the impression of weightlessness further, another LED light was installed beneath the bed.

Opposite the sleeping area, the wall and the door were papered and equipped with shelves made from ash. In addition, the room edge was equipped with two mirrored surfaces to soften these. At the same time, however, this gives the impression that the shelves will continue to infinity. This effect is repeated with a second mirror Here the ceiling wallpaper and wall-covering continues. Overall, this connects the two sides of the room. A nice secondary effect is the reflection of the sunlight through the window and the reflection of the bed lighting.

The careful use of colour and light has made more of the bedroom. It has become a space that invites one to experience and enjoy. A space that reflects the personality of the resident and brings it to life.