Purism Meets Elegance


For the 1050 Vienna, Blue Elegance project, the client envisaged a 45 m² apartment as a safe haven of a special kind. He wanted a design that met his purist standards yet also paid homage to his love of the Viennese style of home decor. To create continuous lines in the apartment, the individual elements of decor were selected to harmonize pleasingly with each other. The uniform line of windowsill, wall paneling, kitchen island and wardrobe introduced a warm clarity into the apartment. Add the fine-stoneware wall cladding and the chrome-plated metal profile and the purist look is complete. Mirrored surfaces are used intentionally to blur the boundaries of the living space. To break the coldness of the purist design, fields of dark-blue wallpaper were combined with wood paneling. Both elements are typical of the Viennese style of home decor and one secret to its unique charm.

In keeping with our sustainability standards, we utilized durable materials of the finest quality, such as Silestone for the kitchen counter as well as fine stoneware and gray-stained oak parquet. The interplay of the colors gray and royal blue creates an interior that perfectly weds spatial freedom to a sense of well-being.