Haus Burgenland


An entrepreneurial couple commissioned me to renovate their 200 m2family house in Burgenland. Included in the redesign were the entrance hall with anteroom, central room and storage room, and the son’s bedroom, the living room, wet rooms and the office of the entrepreneurs. The prerequisites were an elegant, purist design language with a reference to the surrounding Pannonian landscape.

I set the requirements of a unified colour scheme using the NCS colour system. The focus was on the colour family G50Y, which was reflected in different nuances in the rooms, walls and furniture.
The old flooring was completely removed and large side-stone panels were laid in combination with high-quality parquet. With the help of the new flooring, the individual rooms were connected to create a uniform appearance.
On the other hand, a distinction was made between the living areas, for relaxing, and work areas.
This transition is particularly visible in the living room, because on the one hand 1/3 of the area was laid with side-stone panels and 2/3 with parquet flooring, and on the other hand this material change also takes place on the suspended ceiling.

The entire built-in furniture was suspended to give the interior design concept a lightness and to make the rooms appear more spacious. Particular attention was paid to uniform lines to evenly shape the furniture modules.

The colour and furniture concept was supplemented by integrated lighting. Thus, multiple light sources were installed in each room and both indirect and direct light were used. To improve the functionality of the rooms and furniture wall lights were installed as orientation light in the corridor area as well as LED profiles in the furniture to ensure better visibility.

The desire for interior landscaping was addressed through the use of high-quality Christian Lacroix fabrics in the built-in furniture, curtains and linens.

I project managed the work for the couple during the three-month construction period. After completion, the 30-year-old house shone in new splendour with state-of-the-art equipment and met the requirements for age-inclusive and accessible living.