Fifth disctrict of Vienna


Our task in Margareten in 2021 was to come up with a design that would serve as a harmonious context for the old and the new. Specifically, we were asked to keep the existing elements of the apartment such as the floors, windows, a pendant light and the kitchen unchanged. The design draft was adjusted accordingly. Applying a consistent approach focusing on clarity and premium quality, we enhanced the existing elements while presenting them in a fresh way. To do so, for instance, we left the continuous window front unaltered yet added a new windowsill in gray and an integrated seating niche. Not only did this enhance the design it also created additional usable space.


The color of the pendant light was picked up in the seat upholstery for the dining chairs and also utilized in a lighter shade in the built-in furniture.


To make the apartment seem more spacious, all built-in furniture was mounted 30 centimeters above the floor on a black steel construction. Suitably matching light switches from Berker were installed to supplement the black and the design of the lights was adapted accordingly.


Products from Designers Guild act as eye catchers at both ends of the apartment’s visual axis. So, a floral fabric adorns the headboard of the bed and a floral wallpaper, the wall of the living room. The blue curtain combines with the color-coordinated pillows as the finishing touches to the design. The result: a wonderfully inviting living space.